Shade hard and happy at work with the Responsive Repairs department. She has been there for over 7 months!
Shade hard and happy at work with the Responsive Repairs department. She has been there for over 7 months!

How have you found the LLW experience?

I have found very supportive about guiding me back to work. Love London Working has been particularly helpful in giving me skills in CV writing and the Application process of getting into employment.

What were you doing before LLW?

I was trying to get work experience to get back into employment but I couldn’t find any. It was the first thing I said to Lionne when I arrived please can you get me some experience please!

 What are you currently working on with LLW?

Lionne has got me involved with so many different employment boosting activities. She has got me work experience with the Responsive Repairs and Finance departments at Hexagon Housing which I am loving! The really good things about these placements is they are not just two weeks or a small amount of time I have been doing them for over 7 months! It has given me the confidence I needed to get into the workplace and has reintroduced me into the world of work at a pace I am comfortable with. I have already learned so many skills from these departments I feel ready to enter the world of work.

What are you hoping to do in the future?

I really want to get back to work as a finance assistant. The work I have been able to do in the finance department has been so useful in this.

Would you recommend LLW to others?

I have already recommended LLW to all of my friends!  Every Hexagon resident who is looking for a job should come to LLW at the Community Investment Team. Lionne who runs it is so friendly, she gives us ideas, monitors our progress and is always giving us alternatives!

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