Cost of Living

Are you struggling with rising costs, rent, energy, food and other bills?

To see what support is out there, check the government website –

Check if you are on all the correct benefits, do a benefit calculator such as, secondly, check if you can lower any of your bills?

Why not do a money health check with Quids in Magazine – Money Health Check

Each council has a single person’s discount and income-based council tax reductions. Apply with your local Council

Are you aware of Thames Water’s WaterHelp? If you’re living in a household, where the household income is below ££21,749? You could be entitled to a 50% discount on your whole bill –

Are you paying high broadband or phone costs? You may be eligible for a social tariff? If you are on jobcentre benefits, contact your provider and ask them if you’re eligible to be moved onto this tariff.

No credit on your mobile? Hexagon have data sims that we can issue to residents over the age of 18 and without Data. Get in contact with Money Support if you need one, more info on the data sims available below.

  • O2 – unlimited UK calls and texts with 15GB of data
  • Vodafone – unlimited UK calls and texts with 20GB of data
  • Three – 24GB of data

Your food bill too high? Have you tried shopping in a social supermarket? Social Supermarkets, offer discounted food parcels, typically about £35 worth of food for a cost of around £3.50. Type in to your search engine – social supermarket in my area, to find your nearest one. If you do not have internet access call 020 87686699 and ask us for more information.

You can also check out online shops that sell discounted food that is past the best before date

Each borough (Lewisham, Greenwich, Southwark, Croydon and Bexley) has an array of free support and advice services. The support on offer includes housing, specialist debt, benefit and well-being advice and food support in your area e.g. Pantries.

Please, email us or call 020 8768 6699 and ask for a list of services in your area to be sent to you.