Hexagon aims to give good standards of service in housing and care, but occasionally things do go wrong. This information is a summary of our Compensation Policy. See here for a full version of the Compensation Policy.

When can Compensation be Considered?

  • When we have not completed certain qualifying repairs on time.
  • When we have failed to provide an essential service set out in the tenancy agreement.
  • When we have failed to keep an appointment and not let you know in advance.
  • When a room in your home cannot be used because of lack of repair.
  • If we, or our contractors, damage your belongings.
  • When you have carried out an improvement that ‘qualifies’ under the Tenants’ Improvement scheme, and are now moving out.

Compensation will be paid direct to you where we are compensating you for an actual loss or damage. In other compensation cases, we will pay you direct unless you owe us money (e.g. current or former rent/service charge arrears), in which case the compensation will be used first to offset any arrears.

Failure to Carry out Emergency or Urgent Repairs

  • If there is an emergency or urgent repair (see page 3.1 for more details) needed in your home, and we fail to carry out the repair even after you have reported it to us twice, you may be entitled to compensation under the Right to Repair law.
    The amount is set at £10 plus £2 per day for each day over the time set out in the list, up to a maximum of £50. Conditions do apply, and full details are available on request

Failure to Meet an Essential Service Outlined in the Tenancy Agreement

  • Where a service to your home is not being provided, such as a lift breakdown failure,we will consider claims for compensation where there has been an unreasonable loss of service.
    (Minor fluctuations in the standard of estate cleaning and grounds maintenance fall outside the compensation policy, but any reported fall in standards will be dealt with straight away.)

Missed Appointments

  • If a member of our staff or a contractor misses an appointment with you without prior warning, you can claim £10 compensation. Compensation cannot be paid if you have failed to provide access for the repair to be carried out.

When Rooms Cannot be Used

  • In some cases, repairs to your home may make rooms unusable for a while. If a room is unusable for more than 72 hours, the compensation will be calculated as a proportion of the net rent due (up to 100% of the rent).
  • Where the whole of a property cannot be used while major work is done, Hexagon will arrange temporary alternative accommodation; in these circumstances, where you have to be ‘decanted’, a disturbance allowance will be payable.

If Damage is Caused to Your Possessions

  • If your belongings are damaged by a member of our staff or one of our contractors, you can normally claim compensation.
  • If the damage has been caused in some other way, such as by a roof leak of which we had no knowledge before the event, or by your neighbour’s washing machine leaking, it is not our responsibility to reimburse you for your loss.

Where you have made Improvements to Your Home

  • You may be entitled to compensation when you move out of your property for certain types of improvements you have carried out in your home (for example, if you have put in your own central heating). A number of conditions must be met, and full details are available on request.

How to Claim Compensation

  • If you think you are entitled to compensation, please contact our Customer Services Centre. We will send you more details about our Compensation Policy, as well as a claim form.