Equal Opportunities Statement

This is an extract from our Equal Opportunities Statement, and relates specifically to our housing services. If you would like a copy of the full statement, please contact our Customer Services Centre.

  • Hexagon Housing Association is committed to promoting equal opportunities both in the provision of housing services and in our employment practices. Hexagon serves diverse communities in South East London, and we recognise that many within this community suffer from discrimination, disadvantage and injustice. Through our work in providing affordable housing and care services, we can and should help ensure fair treatment for all members of these communities, regardless of race, ethnic origin, or nationality; gender; disability, whether mental or physical; religion; marital or family status; sexuality or sexual orientation; HIV status; age or physical appearance. We recognise that because some groups of people experience prejudice or discrimination, for us to really ensure opportunities are available, we have to make an extra effort.
  • We promote fair access to housing by: Monitoring the allocation of our homes, including the quality of accommodation, to ensure that discrimination does not occur; ensuring that our priority system for assessing the rehousing needs of our own tenants reflects equality principles; and working with our Local Authority partners to eliminate any discrimination in the nominations of households for rehousing.
  • We ensure that we consult all tenants effectively (especially those facing discrimination), individually through surveys and through mechanisms such as tenants’ associations to ensure that the housing services meet their needs.
  • We ensure that tenant involvement and participation activities promote the full and active participation of all groups of tenants in tenants’ associations and participatory forums, and we challenge any tenants that voice discriminatory views.
  • We ensure that our complaints procedure is accessible to all, and that feedback about the service is given proper consideration.
  • We do not tolerate harassment of tenants. We take the strongest possible action against perpetrators, and are proactive in co-operating with other agencies in dealing with racial harassment.
  • We provide appropriate means of communication, such as an interpreting service and key information on audio tape, as required.
  • We try to ensure that our housing services respond sensitively to the needs of vulnerable tenants, and provide, where financially possible, extra services in response to those needs.
  • We provide care for those in our care homes that is appropriate to their social, cultural and religious needs.
  • We only use contractors and consultants who have an equal opportunities policy that is broadly consistent with our own aims.
  • We only use contractors in occupied homes who are prepared to sign up to our Customer Care guidelines, and will not give them any more work if there is a substantial and unresolved breach of the guidelines.


As an organisation, we are concerned with people, their homes and communities.

We make good quality, affordable housing and services available to people in South East London, and work to extend opportunities and improve the neighbourhoods they live in.


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