Housing Co-ops and Other Managing Agents

Managing Agents

The Resident Involvement Team works with 9 resident-led groups who manage homes on behalf of Hexagon. The properties still belong to Hexagon and the tenants living in these homes have much the same rights and responsibilities as those living in the homes that Hexagon manages directly.

Housing Co-ops

The managing agents of these homes are mainly comprised of housing co-operatives – this is where the tenants manage their own homes through an elected committee of officers or by monthly general meetings.  Most of the co-ops also employ staff to carry out the day-to-day tasks.

The housing co-ops cover most of the services that you would expect Hexagon’s housing management and maintenance teams to provide. Hexagon has a longstanding relationship with housing co-ops, a number of whom we have been working with for over 20 years.

Co-op Services and Hexagon Services

The homes managed by our agents are in Lewisham and Southwark, plus a small number in Greenwich. Hexagon has formal management agreements with the co-ops and other managing agents that detail the division of responsibilities for managing these homes.

Hexagon does still provide some services to co-op managed tenants, such as stock improvement works and cyclical maintenance. In addition, co-op managed tenants have access to Hexagon’s transfer waiting list.

The role of the Resident Involvement team is to provide support and monitor the work of our managing agents, who we have regular contact with on a range of housing issues. The team also organises an annual Co-op Seminar; all co-op managed tenants are invited to attend this seminar and discuss issues of interest with Hexagon managers and staff.


As an organisation, we are concerned with people, their homes and communities.

We make good quality, affordable housing and services available to people in South East London, and work to extend opportunities and improve the neighbourhoods they live in.


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