Staff Excellence Awards 2021

Thank you to all our customers who nominated staff for our annual Staff Excellence Awards. Customers nominated staff who they thought “did a great job” over the past year.

At our Staff Conference, which was held virtually on Friday, 26th November, we presented Staff Excellence Awards.  These awards take place to celebrate and congratulate the commitment and dedication of Hexagon’s staff who are prepared to “go that extra mile” whilst carrying out their duties.  As well as Hexagon staff being able to nominate their colleagues, YOU, the Customers, were invited to nominate a member of staff who you felt deserves to receive an award.

See below for the full list of staff who received a Staff Excellence Award:

Jackie Taylor Team Leader – Newstead Most supportive colleague Jackie has been indispensable over the last year, ensuring that the service runs smoothly and also that our residents remain on the road to recovery.
Vicky Shiret Senior Support Officer – Newstead Excellent Customer Service Vicky makes a big difference by giving reassurance to all staff members who have been in challenging situations and gives them encouraging, uplifting words which makes a big difference on self-esteem.
Meadh (Meave) Bovington Recovery Worker – Newstead Commitment/ Most supportive colleague Meadh has become a hugely supportive team member by taking on tasks sometimes outside of her normal role to help colleagues during times of dealing with resident crisis situations or increased demand on the service.
Elaine Huxstep Support Officer Commitment Elaine made a difference by working tirelessly, she has managed to relieve a resident’s concerns by finding accommodation that he is happy with.  He is now looking forward to moving on from Newstead knowing that the support required will be in place for him.


Fiona Jones Housing Sustainment Officer Most supportive colleague Fiona always goes the extra mile when you ask something of her.


Jo Snell Customer Services Adviser Most supportive colleague Jo always gives details when handling tenant queries; calls back if unavailable; follows up on queries and completes requests efficiently and confirms that they’re complete.
Adrian Beckingham Communications Officer External nomination Nominated by a resident – I am in the readers panel group for Hexagon and he is very good at running the meetings and the time that he puts in for the group.
Adam Shepherd Senior Programme Quality & Compliance Officer Commitment/

Economy, effectiveness, efficiency/ Going the extra mile

Adam has put a lot of effort into driving forward the changes we need to make in order to respond to the zero-carbon agenda and the golden thread requirements of the new Building Safety bill.


Alison Inyang Finance Assistant Most supportive colleague Alison has supported me throughout the implementation of CX. She has been understanding when issues arise, is able to explain the problem and not just blame them on the system.
Amanda Walker Resident Involvement Officer External Nomination Nominated by a resident – I would like to nominate Amanda Walker because she always supports everyone in her groups with great enthusiasm, compassion and tireless commitment. She also demonstrates great empathy and superb listening skills, as well as making the groups she facilitates, a pleasant and safe environment for all to enjoy!
Errol Grant Project Surveyor External Nomination Comments from leaseholder:

Very best wishes for your retirement on 26th November.  You’ve been absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much for your amazing knowledge and support. Solarium Court is now a better place because of your leadership.

Leanne Cairney Money Support Adviser External Customer Services Nominated by a colleague – I would very much like to nominate Leanne for an award.  Not only is she efficient, she is supportive and has a friendly, always willing to help, attitude.
Lloyd Morgan Project Surveyor External Nomination Nomination from a resident – Lloyd made a difference by caring when he could have fobbed me off, learning when he could have presumed to take the Hexagon official line and showed strength and compassion when I didn’t behave well, it would have been easy for Lloyd to discard me, instead he showed strength and care.  I commend him.
Lynne Simmons & Vicky Savill Revenue Officer & Area Surveyor Beyond call of duty/most supportive colleague Lynne and Vicky have on many occasions dropped documents, keys and anything I have needed for the next day to my house on their way home saving me the trouble of having to go all the way to the office from home. This has saved me time and is greatly appreciated.
Martyne Callender Senior Employment Adviser External Nomination Nominated by a resident – Although she is always busy, Martyne takes time to respond to anything I have requested. She has helped me to secure a job through LLW and has kept a check on my progress with the job.
Steve Beesley Revenue Manager Most Supportive Colleague/ Excellent Customer Service Steve has supported me throughout the implementation of CX and has been understanding when issues arise.  He always wants to learn and has taken the lead for his team and ensures he knows all processes.


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