Compliments, Comments & Complaints

Hexagon welcomes feedback on our services from residents and housing applicants. We believe our staff and contractors do a good job, but realise there will be times when things go wrong. Whether you have a complaint or just wish to make a comment about our service, we want to hear from you. We also would like to hear from you if you want to pay a compliment! We analyse all your feedback and use it to inform how we deliver our services. We will try to sort out your complaint as quickly as possible and if it requires an investigation, we will acknowledge your complaint and aim to send a full response within our published timescales. It is easy to give us your feedback, including making a complaint. You can:

  • Phone Customer Services on 020 8778 6699 or freephone 0800 393 338, and they will log it and ensure it gets to the right person straight away.
  • Email
  • Write us a letter.
  • Complete a paper complaints form or download the form found here.
  • Come to our office and speak to Customer Services.

You can ask a friend or relative to complain on your behalf, although we will need to be clear that they are acting for you with your permission. However you tell us about your complaint, we will try to sort it out at the first attempt. If you are not satisfied with our resolution the first time, you can take it to the next stage. All complaints are logged on our IT system so we can see who is dealing with it and the progress of your complaint.

We have developed a new Complaints Policy and Procedure – Nov 2020 which came into effect on 4th January 2021. This new policy aligns with the Housing Ombudsman’s new Complaints Handling Code launched in July 2020.

When any of our customers have been through the complaints process they can ask that the complaint is reviewed by the Housing Ombudsman service. We publish here complaints that have been reviewed by the Housing Ombudsman and our response to the Ombudsman’s findings.



As an organisation, we are concerned with people, their homes and communities.

We make good quality, affordable housing and services available to people in South East London, and work to extend opportunities and improve the neighbourhoods they live in.


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