Welcome to our investor section, where you can find key information about Hexagon and our performance.


Who We Are

Hexagon Housing Association was formed in 1990 after the merger of Shackleton Housing Association and Solon South-East Housing Association, as a charitable, not for profit, housing association based in South London.


Our commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in our commitment to reduce carbon emissions in our existing properties, in the building of new homes and in our office.

Our Ratings

In March 2023, following a stability check, the RSH awarded Hexagon a G2 rating for Governance. The Association retained its V2 rating for Financial Viability. 


Our most recent financial statements, 6-monthly accounts and Corporate Plan can be found here

Our People

Hexagon is run by a Board of Management made up of 12 members, one third of whom are Hexagon residents.

Our Social Impact

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