Antisocial Behaviour

If you are suffering from nuisance, harassment or domestic abuse and you have not already reported it to Hexagon, please tell us about it. You can contact us by telephone 020 8778 6699 or by email to We take all reports seriously and will always:

  • Acknowledge your report in writing.
  • If you are reporting domestic abuse, we will send you information about domestic abuse services.
  • We will carry out a risk assessment.
  • Discuss with you and agree a plan of action, and confirm it in writing to you, within 10 days of your report.
  • Investigate your report.
  • Contact the person(s) you are reporting (unless you ask us not to), and any witnesses within 10 days.

If we do not think any intervention by Hexagon is required, we will say so and explain why.

Our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy and ASB Service Standards set out our approach to tackling antisocial behaviour and the level of service you can expect.

You can also listen to this mini-podcast with Melonie Wheatle, Antisocial Behaviour Officer, where we discuss what counts as Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) and what doesn’t. Plus, strategies to deal with it, looking at one of the most common issues raised, noise, as an example.