Your lease sets out where responsibility for the different types of repairs lie. The following is for guidance only.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for all repairs inside your flat or house, including:

  • Internal walls.
  • The front door to your property.
  • Glass in the windows.
  • Decoration.
  • Electricity wiring and fittings.
  • Plumbing, including pipework and fittings.
  • The central heating system, including servicing of the boiler.
  • Any external pipes or services, if they serve your property exclusively.

Our Responsibilities

As the freeholder we are responsible for repairs and maintenance of:

  • The communal areas.
  • Communal windows, including glass.
  • Window frames in each flat.
  • The roof.
  • The foundations.
  • Communal electric wiring and fittings.
  • Shared drains.
  • Gutters and downpipes.
  • Communal water supply pipes up to the main stopcock.
  • Shared front and back doors.
  • External shared areas, including gardens, courtyards and roof terrace.
  • Refuse-disposal facilities.

Repairs listed as our responsibility will be carried out by us or by our contractors and the costs will be charged to the service charge account.

If you cause damage (other than wear and tear) in the communal areas, even if the damage is accidental, you will be asked to either repair the item yourself or pay us to carry out the repair.

Reporting Repairs

If a repair is needed to an area or item that is our responsibility, please report the repair on our Freephone Repairs Line, 0800 393 338 (from  a mobile it may be cheaper to call our main switchboard on 0208 778 6699) or by emailing

Improvements to Your Property

If you wish to make alterations or improvements to the inside of your property you need to let us have details and get our permission in writing before starting work. We will not refuse permission on unreasonable grounds. There may be a charge for us to consider your request. You should not make any alterations to the outside of the building or to the communal areas. If necessary, you should ensure that you get any required Building Regulation and Planning Permission and let us have a copy before starting work. You will be sent a copy of the audited account.