Working at Hexagon

We strive to make Hexagon a great place to work, and are committed to ensuring that all of our employees feel valued. Our most recent staff survey results (November 2019) were very positive, including:

  • An employee engagement index of 88%.
  • 92% of our employees are proud to work for Hexagon.
  • 90% would recommend Hexagon as a good place to work.
  • 96% are committed to Hexagon’s Goals.

We run a staff survey every two years, and utilise the results to focus on continuous improvement. We have been recognised as an Investor in People since 1999, having achieved the core standard required.  We went on to achieve the IIP Bronze Award in 2009, the IIP Silver Award in 2012, and have now achieved the Gold Standard three times (2015, 2018 & 2021) by further demonstrating that we operate “above and beyond” the core standard required by Investors in People.

In 2016 Hexagon won an ORC International award following excellent results from the 2015 Staff Survey. Staff responses saw Hexagon ranked “Number 1” to questions such as “I am proud to work for this organisation“, “I would recommend Hexagon as a good place to work” and “I intend to still be working for Hexagon in 12 months’ time.

Each year, ORC International presents awards to the top 3 organisations who have achieved the best employee engagement scores in their benchmarking of 200 UK based organisations (covering all sectors), including 43 housing associations. In 2015, Hexagon scored the highest overall ratings for ’employee engagement’, making us ‘Number 1’ in the UK. We work in a very diverse community and are committed to promoting diversity and community investment.

We believe that fairness and an absence of discrimination are the hallmarks of a modern, decent society that draws on the talents of all. We conduct our business as a developer, service provider and employer accordingly.

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