Working with others is a way of life for Hexagon, and we are keen to use the strengths of our partnerships to take on new ventures, which bring in new investment and fresh opportunities to communities in need.

With funding from The Greater London Authority (GLA), we are building over 450 new homes for rent and low-cost home ownership over the next four years.

With new affordable homes available, some of which are family accommodation, more people on lower incomes will be able to stay in their local area. This is important for keeping whole communities together, as well as for the individuals concerned. All our new schemes are closely linked to our Environmental Sustainability Strategy, in which we are committed to achieving or (where affordable) exceeding the sustainability standards for new homes set by the GLA and local planning authorities. We aim to do this using designs and technologies that improve the quality of life for residents and can be easily maintained over the lifetime of the homes.

Development Strategy

Our Development Strategy 2021-2026 sets clear plans for the future in terms of building high-quality energy-efficient homes and having a positive impact on deprived neighbourhoods.

This strategy also sets out how we plan to continue to develop in a challenging environment of low grant rates, by building a modest number of homes for outright sale with the profits providing cross-subsidy for our Affordable Homes Programme.

To find out more about Hexagon and our development programme, get in touch with Kerry Heath, Development & Sales Director, ( or 020 8768 7986) or Adey Badmos, Head of Development ( or 020 8768 7903).