Responsible Pet Ownership – a new approach

Following a report from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Hexagon has changed its Pets Policy.  The new approach provides greater flexibility in terms of allowing permission for dogs and cats to be kept in homes that do not have access to a private garden.

A focus group of Hexagon residents considered the draft and made useful suggestions. Their main point was that it is the behaviour of the animal, and the animal owner, that matters more than the type of accommodation.

Residents will have to apply to have permission for cats and dogs, and if agreed, sign a Pet Contract that keeps them to conditions.

While small animals and fish are allowed as long as they cause no nuisance, Hexagon will not normally give permission for:

  • Snakes and large reptiles
  • Budgerigars and other caged birds (recommended by animal welfare charities)
  • Farm animals
  • Dogs listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act
  • More than one dog or more than 2 cats

While making a decision on cats and dogs, Hexagon will consider the general suitability of accommodation such as the size and type of property, size and number of communal areas (and this means that there are some blocks of flats where we cannot allow dogs or cats – please see list here and the size and type of cat or dog.

For dogs and cats to have permission, we expect:

  • The dog to be properly trained
  • The home to be suited to the pet’s lifestyle, environment and physical abilities.
  • For the pet not to cause nuisance to neighbours including excessive barking.
  • Not to be allowed to roam on communal areas.
  • That any dog and cat flaps do not contravene fire safety.
  • The owner to immediately clean up any foul.
  • That the pet will have a collar and be micro chipped.
  • That any garden to be ‘dog-proof’
  • That there is someone who can look after the pet if the owner is away or in an emergency.

If you want to apply to keep a pet, please call complete the form here  and return it to: