Fire Safety AwarenessHexagon has over 1,700 valid Fire Risk Assessments for our buildings. This represents an additional 1,200 new Fire Risk Assessments that we have carried out in just two years!

In addition to the Fire Risk Assessments, within the next five years, we aim to hold electrical safety certificates for all our properties that are over 15 years old. To meet this aim, we have had an electrical testing programme underway for some time.

As a social landlord, Hexagon takes positive action to help fires from occurring – but as the resident inside the property, you too have a major role to play. Have a look at the list below to see some useful tips for keeping you and your family safe in your home:


Fire Safety Tips

Maintain smoke alarms by testing the batteries once a month

Keep the cooking surfaces of your oven well clear of flammable objects like blowing curtains, kitchen towels and cookbooks

When cooking, stay in the kitchen

– Every month or so, clean the lint trap in your washer/dryer. Regularly check behind and around the dryer for pockets of lint or items of laundry that may have got trapped

Watch out for frayed or tangled electrical cords and wires. These can produce heat.

– Many household cleaners and cosmetic products are flammable. Store them in a cool, dark cupboard and ensure all household members know where they go.

Candles should be in secure candlesticks on a flat surface away from hazards such as curtains and cushions. Always extinguish them before leaving the room or going to sleep. Never leave candles unattended.

Switch electrical appliances off at the wall socket when not using them.