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The purpose of this questionnaire is to get to know you and the people that live with you, so that we can make sure our services meet your needs where possible and you are getting the most out of your tenancy with us.

Gathering this information will also help us to make sure that everyone receives a fair service no matter who they are.

Completing this form is entirely up to you.  It does not affect your tenancy application with us.   If you do provide us with information, you can change your mind at any time and ask us to update or remove this information by contacting Customer Services or through your online account with us.

For more information on how Hexagon uses your personal information you can see our full Privacy Notice by clicking here.

The information you share with us helps us to understand who our customers are, so we can shape the services we create around you.

We have some great things on offer already, such as help getting people into work, support in budgeting, help with digital skills and volunteering opportunities.

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