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The last few weeks have seen unprecedented changes in how our economy works. Millions of people have seen their work impacted and many of those have seen their workplaces temporarily close down altogether.

The government have introduced a number of schemes to assist people maintain as much of their income as possible. However, many people will still find themselves needing to make a benefit application, often for the first time.

We are pleased to remind residents that our well established Financial Inclusion team is available to assist residents with issues relating to social security benefits. Whether you are unsure whether you qualify, need to understand your options, or want help with a claim, our service can help. We have helped hundreds of residents with benefit issues, often increasing their income as a result.

If you need any assistance with benefit issues, please feel free to contact our Financial Inclusion team on 0208 768 7925, or by email at We will be happy to assist with any queries you have, and look forward to hearing from you.