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Shared owner

We are aware that shared owners are a group who can be hit particularly hard by current events, and we are keen to help if we can. If you have lost all or some of your income, the information elsewhere in other sections of this briefing can give you some information about how to manage this (you would go to the section that best reflects how your income has been affected)

Beyond that, remember that being a shared owner does not stop you applying for benefits if you qualify based on your income. And depending on your circumstances, the amount you can earn while still getting some support can be higher than you might think. In most areas (including the rent part of your housing costs), you can access support through the benefits system based on your circumstances in the same way as someone who rents a home with us.

In respect of Mortgage interest, you can (if you qualify) get help from the Support for Mortgage Interest scheme . This is a loan to cover your interest payments on your Mortgage, but it does not have to be paid back until you sell or transfer your home, and you will not be made to sell your home to pay the loan. More information on this can be found at https://www.gov.uk/support-for-mortgage-interest . Alternatively, mortgage lenders are also offering payment holidays to those impacted by Covid 19, so contact them and ask for this if you are struggling to pay (it is vital that you contact the lender to organise a payment holiday, rather than just stopping payments)

If you are struggling generally, and want some advice, our financial inclusion team remains available to help on 0208 768 7925 or by email at Jherbert@hexagon.org.uk . The current circumstances mean that it might take a bit longer than usual to come back to you, but we are keen to assist in any way we can.

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