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Hours reducedOur understanding is that employees in your position will not be eligible for support from the retention scheme (although it is a good idea to check as things are changing all the time). However, your reduced income might mean that you are now entitled to claim benefits, or are eligible for an increase in benefits you already claim. Remember that benefits are not just for people who are unemployed.

To get an idea of what you might be entitled to, you can use a benefit calculator such as the one at (this is actually a basic version of the calculator our own teams use, but others are available as well). Alternatively (or if you would like some information after you run a calculation), you can contact our Financial Inclusion team on 0208 768 7925 or by email at  Although it might take a bit longer than usual to respond to queries, we are still here to help. Also, if you want help with finding a new job, you can talk to our Employment team on 0208 768 7915. The service remains open through the outbreak so while it might take a bit longer to come back to you, we are happy to help.

Another good way to assess whether you are entitled to benefits can be found by following the link below:

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