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We are launching a new and exciting private Facebook group dedicated to you and your neighbourhoods.  The new group will contain lots of information including:

  • What is happening in your area? – The Community Investment Team will need your help here, to share events you know of, posters you have come across and the word of mouth that we don’t hear – e.g. Have you seen that the Zippos Circus is coming to Peckham Rye Park? Post what you know on the Facebook group to sharing with the online Hexagon Community, let others know what you do.
  • Ideas for saving money – we all like a bargain
  • New training courses
  • Job opportunities
  • Other snippets of information we think you might find useful.

The aim of this group is to empower a positive community hub. This is a group where you can share your own ideas and stories or to become aware of work the Community Investment team are doing. We are in this together to create a welcoming community environment.

The Facebook group’s name – Hexagon’s Community Investment Group

Link directly to group –

Please get in touch and tell us know what you would like to see on the group, by emailing us or PM us on our new Facebook group.


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