InvolvementIn the summer edition of Home News we told you about the new resident policy group that Hexagon is setting up and about how you could join it. The group has been set up to give the residents perspective into Hexagon’s major policies and strategies to help ensure that these reflect the needs of all residents.

Over the autumn Hexagon has been busy recruiting to this new group. Following the Home News article in July:

The interviews resulted in 11 residents being invited to be part of the new group. Their first meeting in early December allowed the members to meet each other along with key staff and Board members. At that meeting the group agreed to call the new group the ‘Residents Advisory Group’.

The new group will provide another key way residents can become involved to directly influence the services that Hexagon provides. The group will meet six times over the year ahead. One of the major strategies that the group will begin working on is Hexagon’s new Corporate Plan.

Jane Eyles, Independent Chair of the new group said, “It was so exciting to chat with each resident volunteer to see all of the amazing personal qualities that they bring to the group. Every volunteer wanted to give something back to their communities by making sure Hexagon was improving services for all. We are so grateful to residents that volunteer their time to make a difference.”

Hexagon would like to offer thanks and appreciation to our residents Chantelle Swaby (Chair of the Performance Review Group) and Denny Senner (Resident Board Member) for being part of the interview panel that recruited the new members onto the new group.

Home News will bring you regular updates about the new group’s achievements. Check here to find out more about ways in which you can get involved in influencing the service that Hexagon provides. Alternatively, you can email the Resident Involvement Team at