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Fire Risk Assessment

It’s important we share the key findings of the most recent fire risk assessment for the building. This is because to reduce the risk from fire as much as possible both we, the landlord, and you the residents need to understand what we need to do and why. Your home-ownership specialist, Lisa Cole, visits the block regularly (quarterly) to help identify fire risks, but we’re not at Mary Seacole Court every day, so this is where you come in.

If you see anything that concerns you please let our Property Safety Team know, and they can take any necessary action ( or call 020 8778 6699 and ask to speak to the Property Safety Team). If the fire risk assessment includes any recommendations we’ll update you on the action plan, and keep you informed on progress / timescales. Let’s work together to keep each other safe.

In the event of a fire at Mary Seacole Court you should leave the immediate area and when safe to do so, ring 999 and report it.
If the fire is in your home, and it is safe to do so you should leave your flat and shut all the doors behind you. If it isn’t safe for you to leave your home, because the fire is by your front door, please shut all doors, and make your way to one of the windows and wait to be rescued.

Mary Seacole Court has a “Stay Put” evacuation policy in place, which has been reviewed by our risk assessors and is deemed suitable. This means unless the fire is in your home, you should stay in your home and wait to be rescued if necessary, by the fire service. For this policy, which is in line with both government and Fire Brigade guidance, to be effective there needs to be suitable compartmentation. This means each flat needs to be a separate compartment (or box) that provides a protective barrier against fire and smoke. This ‘box’ allows time for the Fire Brigade to attend and address the fire before it spreads. As such ensuring items like fire doors are of the right standard is vital.

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Updated: 15 May 2024

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