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With effect from 1 July 2022, Gilmartins will be partnering with us to provide you a responsive repairs service. So, from 1 July 2022 onwards, if you need to report a repair to your home or a communal area, please call Gilmartins on Freephone number: 0808 178 6785 or email:

After Gilmartins have completed a repair(s) in your home, if we have your mobile number or email, we will send you a satisfaction survey by text or email. It would be helpful if you could complete this survey, so we know what your experience was like with the last completed repair. Your feedback will help both Hexagon and Gilmartins improve the responsive repairs service we provide you and know where we are doing well.

Our current contractors will complete all outstanding repairs you reported before 1 July 2022.

Over the last few months, we have been working with Gilmartins to ensure the start of the repairs service they provide you is as smooth as possible. Below, you will find a series of Q&As. Should you find that your question has not been answered in the list below, please do feel free to contact us

Information specific to homeowners can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q = Question; A = Answer

Q If I need to report a repair in my block or the communal garden area from 1 July 2022, who do I contact?
A Please contact Gilmartins on 0808 178 6785 or email:
Q If I need a repair to be carried out to a communal lift, communal controlled entry door or communal fire alarm, who do I call?
A You should continue to call Hexagon on Freephone number: 0800 393 338 or

Landline number: 0208 778 6699.

Q If I need to report an emergency repair outside of working hours, who should I call?
A You can contact Gilmartins on 0808 178 6785 twenty-four hours every day of the year
Q I reported repairs before 1 July 2022, what will happen to these repairs?
A If you reported a repair prior to 1 July 2022, these repairs will be completed by the current contractor.
Q If Hexagon’s current contractor has attended but the repair has not yet been completed what do I do?
A Please contact Hexagon’s Customer Service Centre on Freephone number: 0800 393 338 or

Landline number: 0208 778 6699

Q What telephone number do I call if I want repairs to fix my gas-fueled heating or hot water? 
A Please call Hexagon’s gas contractor, Smith & Byford, on Freephone number: 0800 088 4433
Q Can I still email Hexagon with my repair requests from 1 July 2022 onwards?
A You can email Gilmartins directly via email:
Q Will I be reminded of my repair appointment?
A You will get a text reminder from Gilmartins provided we have your mobile phone number.
Q Will I get a letter confirming the repairs Gilmartins will be carrying out and the date and time they will be coming to my home?
A No, but this information will be sent to you via text message if we have your mobile phone number
Q Can I ask for an appointment at a specific time?
A Gilmartins will always try to arrange a timeslot to carry out repairs in your home during a timeslot that suits you. Gilmartins also have a small number of timeslots in the evening (up to 8pm) and Saturday morning appointments (between 9am – 1pm) available if this is suits you.
Q What should I expect from the operative when they arrive?
A The operative will show you their photo ID badge, and they will be wearing a uniform with the Gilmartins logo. The operative will let you know the work they will be carrying out and they will take before and after photos. These photos will be used as a way of inspecting the work. If they need to come back to finish off any repair, they will arrange a date and time with you, whilst they are still in your home.
Q If I am not happy with the quality of the work or the behaviour of the operative who should I complain to?
A Please complain directly to Hexagon as we are your landlord as would want to know if you are not happy with the repair service you receive. You can contact Hexagon by email: or call Freephone number: 0800 393 338 or Landline number: 0208 778 6699 or fill out a complaint form available on Hexagon’s website.
Q Will any of the completed repairs be inspected?
A Hexagon’s surveyors will inspect a random sample of completed repairs to check the quality of the work carried out.


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