Let’s keep each other safe!

In follow up to the ongoing Grenfell Enquiry, the government have issued revised guidance, made legal changes, have proposed new laws and are in the process of setting up a new enforcement regime. The aim of this is to increase scrutiny on housing providers and reduce the risk to residents.

Our part of the deal

As part of our work to reduce the risk to residents in relation to fire we have been:

  • Replacing existing fire doors with ones which are of ‘best practice’ standard;
  • Installing ‘full property’ alarm systems to street property conversions;
  • Revising all of our fire safety related procedures / guidance to make sure that staff, contractors and residents are clear about what needs to be done, by whom and when; and
  • Putting in place a process by which we will work with residents who have concerns about evacuation to make sure suitable arrangements are in place.

Our revised fire safety procedures set out the revised / improved way that Hexagon will manage fire safety risk and also introduces an expectation that you will play your part to help keep you and your neighbours safe. See what is expected from residents here.

Housing Associations have been given greater powers if this doesn’t happen to enforce them, but we want to work with residents. To this end we have consulted thoroughly to make sure we have been as balanced as possible in terms of the rules we are setting.

Your part of the deal

  • Keeping common ways clear of any obstructions – standard doormats are fine but no bikes or buggies and definitely nothing combustible
  • Not smoking in any common areas
  • Keeping balconies free of clutter – particularly hazardous materials like calor gas, paints, petrol, etc
  • When you are parking, make sure you are not restricting access to the block, the fire hydrant or the dry riser – London Fire Brigade need every second!
  • Mobility scooters will block common ways and charging is a fire hazard – if you have a scooter and cannot store and charge it within your property please contact your Neighbourhood Officer
  • Remember that security door and window locks or grilles will prevent your escape
  • Be aware of the emergency access and think about what might happen if you woke up in thick smoke

Everybody thinks a fire won’t happen to them but remember they do happen sometimes and think of your family and your neighbours!

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