Financial inclusion service helps resident improve quality of life

Natalie is a Hexagon resident with mental health difficulties and mobility problems. She lived in a property with her daughter, who herself struggled with autism. She was struggling to manage her Housing costs, and was in danger of falling into rent arrears following a change in her benefit entitlement.
She was referred to our Housing Inclusion team, by the revenue officer. It became clear from the conversation that Natalie was likely to have an entitlement to Personal Independence Payment. The team then helped Natalie complete the initial stage of the claim. Because she struggled with writing, they then helped Natalie to complete the form.
As a result of the support provided, Natalie was awarded Personal Independence Payment at a rate of almost £90 per week. Claiming Personal Independence Payment also had a positive effect on her Housing Benefit claim. The net effect of these changes has been to help Natalie manage her finances, avoid falling into rent arrears, and improve her quality of life.


Jason Herbert AIMA (Cert)
Senior Financial Inclusion Adviser
Hexagon Housing Association
Tel : 0208 768 7925
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