Our Financial Inclusion service reaches £1m milestone

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Hexagon has operated its financial inclusion service for seven years. A key aim of the service has always been to put more money in residents pockets, and assist people in increasing their income.

This is something we have done successfully throughout the time the service has operated, and in the last financial year, it generated over £230,000 of additional income for residents. Like most years since the service started, last year once again saw an increase in the amount generated for residents compared to the previous year. Last year’s figure compares favourably to the figure of just over £210,000 that was raised for residents in 2018-19.

The money generated for residents in the last financial year also saw us pass an important milestone. Over £1,000,000 has now been raised for Hexagon residents since the service started operating. We have helped residents gain a wide variety of different income, ranging from housing benefit, to grants to help with the cost of essential household items. We have even represented several residents at tribunal to help them overturn benefit decisions when they were wrongly denied benefits that they are entitled to.

The gains made for residents have ranged from small one off grants, to large payments of benefit and significant increases in income. Some have even been the difference between tenancies being sustained and residents losing their home. This is of course alongside the rest of the work that the team does on behalf of residents, providing advice on everything from how to access a bank account to where to get formal debt advice if this is needed.

If you need any help relating to money issues, please contact the financial inclusion team on 0208 768 7925 or at Jherbert@Hexagon.org.uk , and we will be happy to help.

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