Recognising damp and mould in your home

The death of two year old Awaab Ishak in 2020 has put the spotlight on how we deal with condensation, damp and mould. Awaab died after prolonged exposure to mould in his housing association home in Rochdale.

Condensation occurs when humid air touches a cold surface. Fogged, streaming windows, black mould and musty smells are early signs. This can keep recurring and we can help by improving ventilation, doing a mould wash, and providing advice.

Our contractors will carry out a survey to see if there is an underlying problem which can be causing damp. Common signs of damp include:

  • Water droplets, mould, mildew or discoloured patches.
  • Excessive condensation on windows, all year round.
  • Rotting woodwork.
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • A damp, musty smell

We will find and remedy the cause, assist in drying the home out, and repair any damage. This may need a damp and mould specialist or claim against any warranty. We will aim to do this as quickly as possible. In disrepair claims, we will seek to remedy the problem, without waiting for a legal judgment.

If you have any of these signs, please report them to us ( or 020 8778 6699)

Reducing condensation in your home

Some damp can be caused by condensation, we’ve put together a handy leaflet with tips, tricks and advice on how to reduce condensation in your home – click the image below to open in a new window.

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