Residents Review Neighbourhood Estate Inspections

Each year the Resident Inspection Team carry out detailed independent investigation into one of Hexagon’s service areas. This year, the Inspection Team chose to scrutinise the Neighbourhood Estate Inspection service to assess if it was working effectively from a resident perspective and to agreed standards.

The inspection was in-depth and included shadowing an Estate Inspection, a review of key documents, interviews with people involved and a survey to understand residents’ experiences. We would like to thank everybody involved for your time and valuable contributions.

After reviewing the findings, the Resident Inspection Team made 10 formal recommendations to Neighbourhood Service Management and the Housing Services Director – all of which have been accepted. The recommendations highlighted three overarching areas for improvement, including:

  • More robust quality assurance, and a resourcing review, to better monitor grounds maintenance and cleaning services to help ensure they are provided to standard
  • Improved communications with residents, as well as better internal communications
  • A review of the service standards and service agreement to provide clarity on the standards expected, for everyone involved
  • An Action Plan is now in place to take forward the 10 recommendations which will be monitored in the short, medium, and long term.

Residents Inspection plays a hugely important role, and we’d like to express our sincere appreciation to the Resident Inspection Team for their commitment in helping to ensure that Hexagon is continually improving service to residents.

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