Moving Out

If you are moving out, there are a number of things we need you to do as soon as you know you are moving. They are listed below, but please always contact us first to tell us.

  • Pay any outstanding rent

    All rent due up to the day your tenancy ends must be paid in full. If you have rent arrears, we expect these to be paid off before you move out.

  • Tell us

    It is a condition of your tenancy that you give us 4 weeks’ notice if you are moving out. This must be in writing and we will send you a form for this. We know it can be difficult to give 4 weeks’ notice, especially if you are moving to another housing association or a Council property, but you must always let us know as soon as you can.
    We will arrange to visit you at home before you move out, to check the condition of your home, talk to you about the moving out arrangements and work out any payments due up until the time you move.

  • Leave your home clean and tidy

    You home must be clean and all rubbish and unwanted goods must be removed by you. This includes fridges and electrical appliances unless they form part of the tenancy (normally only in homes for people with a disability). If we have to clean or clear out the property after you have left, we will charge you.

  • Check with us

    if you have made any alterations or improvements to you home. We will visit you to inspect what you have done and let you know if it can be left or if we need you to put the property back to its original condition.

  • Check with us

    if you want to leave behind any good-quality furnishings or carpets that may be of benefit to the person who moves in after you.

  • Tell us

    where you are moving to. We need your forwarding address in case we need to get in touch with you after you have moved out.