Administration fees

Hexagon and Horniman Housing Association are entitled under the terms of the leases to charge an administration fee for work carried out for individual leaseholders/ shared owners eg for copy documents, permissions and for breach of the lease. The list of administration fees is below. If you have any questions about these fees, please contact your Leasehold Management Officer.

Table of Administration Fees

Prepaid administration fees Net fee Inclusive of Vat @ 20%
Pre-assignment / solicitors enquiries – payable by the vendor £125 + vat £10+vat for any supplementary questions £150£12
Deed of transfer / covenant £50+vat £60
Consent to remortgage, extra borrowing £50 +vat £60
Deed of postponement £50+vat £60
Sub-letting registration £50+vat *** £60
Assessment of request for consent to minor alterations/ improvements – no surveyor’s inspection needed * £75 + vat £90
Assessment of request for consent for complex alterations/ improvements – requiring surveyor’s inspection * £250 + Vat £300
Assessment of retrospective request for consent for alterations/improvements £50 + vatPlus appropriate fee above £60
Staircasing £110 +vat £132
Prepaid admin fees for copy documents
Copy of lease                      ** £20+ vat plus Land Registry fee £24 plus Land Registry fee
Copy of Service Charge accounts from previous year – per year £10 + vat £12
Copy of Leaseholders Handbook £15 + vat £18
Copy of Fire Risk Assessment or Asbestos Report (Solarium Court and conversions only) £10 + vat £12
Lease extensions – please ask for information sheet See info sheet
Admin fees for leaseholder breach – to be added to rent and service charge account
Letter re returned cheque / bounced DD £10 +vat £12
Preparation and service of S146 notice – forfeiture £50 +vat £60
Service of Notice of Seeking Possession – arrears of rent and service charge £50+vat £60



* The decision on whether a surveyor’s inspection will be required rests with Hexagon

** Leaseholders and shared owners can request this themselves from the Land Registry. The fee for this is £7 for a paper copy and £3 for an electronic copy (at 2014). Hexagon does not hold copies of individual leases and therefore would have to obtain these from the Land Registry

*** Shared Owners are not permitted to sub-let their property. Leaseholders who own 100% of the equity in their property may be able to sub-let but must obtain Hexagon / Horniman’s consent first. The lease gives more info on the information and documents to be provided by the leaseholder