We are conducting Tenancy Reviews

We are carrying out tenancy reviews and a few residents have asked questions about them. Here we describe what these audits are about.


What is a Tenancy review?

A tenancy review involves a visit from one of our staff who will check that our records about your household are up to date.


Why are you completing Tenancy Reviews?

We must carry out these checks to ensure that our records are up to date.  Verifying who lives in the property can help us and you in an emergency situation. It can also help us protect against things like tenancy fraud, cuckooing and to identify and assist with any support or safeguarding issues.

Tenancy reviews are unannounced, but we will always introduce ourselves, provide identification and explain why we’re visiting you in your home.  If you are unsure about the identity of anyone visiting on behalf of Hexagon, please call our Customer Services Team on 020 8778 6699.


What information do you need to provide?

During the visit we will ask who lives in your household and ask for identification for all household members.  This could include a birth certificate, a passport or driving licence. This information will be recorded on a secure on-line form and our staff will take a picture of your documents to upload.  All personal data will be held securely, in line with our data protection and retention policies, which you can find here:  https://hexagon.org.uk/residents/all-policies/

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Services Team 020 8778 6699.


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