Would you like to be a Resident Scrutiny Inspector?

Do you like to scratch beneath the surface and understand how things really work? If so, Resident Inspection might just be for you…

We’re looking for new members to join the Resident Scrutiny Inspection Team. Each year you will choose a priority aspect of Hexagon’s services to investigate in-depth – interviewing staff and contractors, reviewing key documents, surveying residents, site visits and more. One you have everything you need, the Team’s recommendations will be presented at Management, Director and Board level for response, and importantly we’ll track what happens as a result.

Most recently, Resident Inspectors reviewed Fire Safety and Neighbourhood Inspections, making over 20 recommendations on how Hexagon can improve, and all have been implemented.

It can be an intensive and really rewarding process. You’ll be fully supported throughout, we can provide training and it’s a great opportunity to develop skills.

Would you like to find out more? Please get in touch by email at getinvolved@hexagon.org.uk or call 0203 892 4751.

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