Hexagon & the Environment

One of Hexagon’s corporate objectives is to be socially responsible in the way we run our business and, in particular, to focus our efforts on promoting environmental sustainability. [Click here for our other corporate objectives.]

This means that we want to:

  • Minimise the harm that we cause to the local and global environment.
  • Maximise the quality of life for our residents and service users.
  • Maintain the financial viability of our organisation.

Our Commitment

Hexagon is committed to achieving sustainability in all that we do: in our office premises, employment and business practices; and in our core services of building new homes, maintaining our existing homes and providing services to residents and service users. We are committed to a holistic approach to sustainability that balances the achievement of social, environmental and economic benefits.

Building New Homes

Our objective is to achieve or (where affordable) exceed the sustainability standards for new homes set by the Homes  and Communities Agency and local planning authorities. We aim to do this using designs and technologies that improve the quality of life for residents and can  be easily maintained over the lifetime of the homes.

Improving Existing Homes

We aim to measure the environmental performance of our existing homes and identify priorities for improvement. We then implement a realistic plan to make the changes, which make the best use of the resources available and take into account the need to adapt to climate change risks.

Working with Residents and Service Users

We aim to provide user-friendly advice and assistance to our residents and service users on the choices they can make to improve the efficiency of their homes and lessen their impact on the environment.

Working with Staff to ‘Green’ our Operations

We will use the enthusiasm and commitment of everyone who works for Hexagon, including Board members, managers, front-line and back-office support staff to develop and encourage sustainability in our workplaces. We aim to measure and reduce the carbon and environmental footprint of our offices, nursing homes, business travel and direct labour organisation. We will also apply sustainability.

More details of each of these is included in Hexagon’s sustainability strategy, which can be downloaded in full here. The strategy was developed with help from some of our residents, and takes into account the things they said were most important. Targets have been set for:

  • Energy efficiency in new and existing homes.
  • Safe cycle storage and good access to public transport for new homes.
  • Recycling facilities for new and existing homes.
  • Providing advice on sustainability to all residents and service users who request it.
  • Reducing carbon emissions from our offices and business travel.
  • Reducing our use of paper.
  • Reducing the amount of waste that we produce.

What you can do to help protect the environment