Housing Element – Universal Credit

Absent Joint Tenants (untidy tenancy) 

Are you only getting 50% of the rent covered by the Housing Costs Element because of an  ‘untidy tenancy’ follow the below steps to get full housing element?

When a joint tenant leaves the property on a permanent basis then the remaining tenant should report the change to Universal Credit. Examples are relationship breakdown, death of a joint tenant and when one tenant moves to supported housing.

Hexagon will be sent a rent verification and can confirm that there is an absent joint tenant. (Please update Hexagon of people moving in or out).

Bedroom Tax

The maximum rent that can be covered is reduced by 14% for 1 spare bedroom, 25% for 2 or more spare bedrooms. 

Exempt from the ‘bedroom tax’? 

Click the link above to check if you are exempt from bedroom tax. If you believe you are contact Universal Credit.

Non Dependant Deduction

The 2023/24 rate for each non-dependant is £85.73 each month, read the below link to check who is classified as a non dependant

Non Dependant Deduction

Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP)

A Discretionary Housing Payment is a discretionary and short-term payment to help people with their housing costs. To be eligible for a Discretionary Housing Payment a person must be in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit housing element.

How to apply for a DHP