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Responsive Repairs

When you become a Hexagon tenant you enter into a contract with us. As part of the contract, you agree to look after your home and we agree to carry out certain repairs.

In general, those repairs are to keep the structure and outside of your home in good repair and to maintain installations for water, electricity, gas and drainage inside your home.

You agree to allow us to enter your home to:

  • Inspect the state of the property.
  • Carry out pest control treatments.
  • Service your gas installations.
  • Carry out any of our duties under the tenancy agreement, including any repairs.

We expect you to report repairs as soon as they are needed. We will then aim to carry them out as quickly as reasonably possible within the timescales for carrying out repairs. To find out more about our Responsive Repairs click here.

Planned Maintenance

The Hexagon Planned Maintenance Standards will apply to all of our future planned maintenance projects.