Aids and Adaptations

If you have a disability or other condition that means you have difficulty with certain aspects of your home (getting in and out the bath, for example), we may be able to assist with an aid or adaptation. You do not need to be registered disabled to qualify, and the type of adaptations we carry out include stair lifts, ramps, hand rails and level access showers. If you suffer from some form of disability and feel that an adaptation may be of benefit to you, please initially contact your Housing Officer for further information. We will discuss with you the sort of assistance you need, and whether it is possible in your home. For major adaptations we will require a supporting letter with recommendations from an Occupational Therapist from your Local Council’s Social Services Department (some very minor adaptations can be carried out without an Occupational Therapist’s request). Once we receive the Occupational Therapist’s recommendation, our Technical Services department will carry out an assessment for a number of factors:

  • The recommendation will be assessed for general suitability or practicality.
  • Where a large amount of work has been requested, and a move may be more suitable.
  • Whether the works provide a long-term solution, particularly in a case where a large amount of expenditure is envisaged.
  • Whether the items should be provided by Social Services, e.g. bath or shower boards.

Once we have carried out the above assessment, and assuming the works will be proceeding, Technical Services will either place an order for the works or specify or obtain quotes/tenders from contractors, depending on the size of the work. Due to the fact that some aids and adaptations require ongoing servicing and possible replacement in future years, the Association may have to apply a service charge in addition to the basic rent. This charge is set to reflect the cost of the actual service provided. We will always discuss any potential charges with you before going ahead with any work. Our Aids & Adaptations Policy can be found here.