Gas Servicing

Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, all landlords are legally required to give gas appliances an annual safety check. We try to carry out the gas safety checks during the spring and summer; this enables you to get your gas appliances checked and to make sure they are working correctly before we head into the cold winter months, when they will be most needed. Around a month before the anniversary of your safety check, our contractor will contact you to arrange an appointment. Please do your best to keep this appointment, or contact the contractor to arrange a more convenient time. Our contractor will attempt to gain access to the property on three separate occasions. If, after three attempts, they have still not gained access, they will refer back to Hexagon who will then instigate legal proceedings.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to allow the engineer to enter the property to carry out this work. Failure to allow an engineer access will result in you facing legal proceedings, with the potential of losing your home.

Our contractors do provide appointments over the weekend, but these are subject to availability.

Gas Repairs

If you suspect you have a gas leak or smell gas, please call Transco on 0800 111 999.

If you have problems with your gas and you have a prepayment meter please make sure that you have some credit on your meter before calling anyone out.

For problems with your gas appliances, heating or hot water, please do not ring Hexagon’s repair line but contact our gas contractor directly on their Freephone number 0800 088 4433 or 020 8722 3434 (during normal working hours). Response times for these repairs are in accordance with the Association’s target times, which are:

Emergency repairs

within 2 hours
(during normal working hours )

Urgent repairs

within 7 days
(during normal working hours )

There may be occasions when parts are required to complete repairs, and whilst we will try to complete these jobs within the above times, it cannot be guaranteed. We do provide an ‘out of hours’ emergency call-out service, but this is only for emergencies. The breakdown of central heating is only an emergency if you are elderly and vulnerable, or if you have young children of 12 months or under. This is also only applicable between 1st October and 31st March. For out-of-hours service please ring 0800 393 338, and you will be redirected from there.