Tenancy Support Service

We are able to offer special support to residents who need help to maintain their tenancies. This may be just for a short period to deal with a temporary difficulty, or for a longer period to help with ongoing concerns. Our Housing Officers can advise on most tenancy matters and help with the completion of Housing Benefit forms, but if more support is needed then we have links to outside organisations who provide tenancy support.

If you feel that you need more support, please discuss this with your Housing Officer. If appropriate, and with your agreement, we will make a referral to a local support agency. Some agencies have a waiting list so there may be a short delay until they contact you, but if the issue is very urgent they will try to help you straight away. The support worker will arrange to visit you at home to discuss your support needs with you and to agree a support plan. They will then make arrangements with you to keep in touch.

The Support Worker can Help with:

• Putting you in touch with voluntary and statutory support agencies in the community relating to areas such as health, social services, day centres etc., as well as identifying any issue(s) you are experiencing and looking at ways of managing and/or rectifying these issue(s).

• Understanding benefits, etc. This can include supporting you with applications for financial assistance, such as Community Care Grants, charity applications, etc., and advocacy work on your behalf for benefit appeals, at court hearings and in debt management.

• Advice and support on transfers for appropriate accommodation, such as sheltered housing, supported housing, etc.

Who can Access the Service?

The service is available to Hexagon Housing tenants who are:

• Going through a temporary period of personal difficulty.

• Not receiving a support service from any other support provider.

• Vulnerable due to issues such as mental health, substance misuse, age, learning disabilities, younger persons leaving care, leaving an institution, holding a tenancy for the first time, etc.

How Long does the Service Last?

The service is only for people with temporary or short-term difficulties – it is not meant for people with long-term or permanent support needs. The service normally lasts as long as needed to help the recipient through a period of temporary difficulty; this is usually several months and can be up to 2 years.

Is it Confidential?

The service is confidential and the support worker will not discuss what goes on between him/her and the tenant with anyone – including Hexagon staff – without the tenant’s permission. The only exception to this is where the safety of the tenant, staff, or anyone else is concerned.

I Think the Service Might be able to Help me. What Should I do Next?

If you think you could benefit from Tenancy Support, get in touch with your Housing Officer. They will talk it through with you in more detail, and arrange to make a referral to an agency in your area.