Sylvie joined our Love London Working Active Inclusion project in April 2021 to access support, after moving into a supported housing flat after a period of homelessness. Since then she has  been helped to update her CV, attended interviews, a job applications workshop and several information, advice and guidance sessions. We also covered the costs of an acting course to help her build her confidence and a poetry course.

Support from the project enabled her to return to writing poetry, she now has a publisher and is working on a book to be published next year.

Welcome home, my dear poem by Sylvie

Close the door behind you, my dear.

You don’t have to deal with the world anymore.

You can relax now, my dear:

Kick your shoes off

And put the kettle on.

Grab a blanket, my dear:

You don’t have to feel the cold anymore.

Take a deep breath, let the tension go, my dear:

This is your space; you are safe here.

Rejoice, my dear:

After losing a roof,

You have finally found a Home.