Sew4Fun Free Sessions

Beatrice, a Hexagon resident and a Fashion Designer entrepreneur/tutor by profession in the fashion industry, is running free weekly classes every Wednesday during May.

The weekly class will be via Zoom on Wednesdays 11:00 – 12:30 pm throughout May. Please click on the following link to reserve your place:

The classes are suitable for those with and without sewing machines and will focus on making masks from old/unwanted garments.

Items you will need:
An old/unwanted garment
Tape measure
Hand Needle/matching thread
Sewing machine if you have one (Optional)
Small scissors
Tailor pins
Safety pin

And lastly, matching elastic (elastic matching the colour of your old/unwanted garment).

If anyone who would like to join sewing sessions and is unclear of the items needed to sew face masks, please contact Beatrice on  and she will more than happy to explain/guide further.