We have many families who need to move, and a home that has been sub-let is one less property available for those on our transfer list.

Hexagon want to provide homes for those in genuine need – not for people who want to make a profit.

We need your help to tackle this.

If you think a home near you is unoccupied or has been sub-let, let us know and we will check it out.

Any information you can tell us will be helpful. We will not disclose where our information has come from, but we will investigate and take legal action if appropriate.

You can even report anonymously if you prefer.

Tell us by…

  • Ringing your Housing Officer on 020 8778 6699.
  • Ringing our Customer Services Centre on 020 8778 6699.
  • Emailing us at

Let us know the exact address and what makes you think that the property has been sublet – we’ll do the rest.

Sub-letting is wrong. Don’t just turn a blind eye – tell us!