How Can I Move Home?

Looking to move? 

There are times when you may want to move – your family has got bigger, or your children have grown up and moved out, or you would like to move to another area, perhaps for work. Until now Hexagon has had a transfer system: you told us what size home you need, we agreed your changed needs with you, and then put you on the waiting list for a home of that size.

Many of you will know that Hexagon does not have a free hand in who we allocate homes to: we have nominations agreements with all the boroughs we work in, requiring us to let between 50% and 100% of empty homes to applicants nominated by the local authority. Therefore the number of homes available to let to current Hexagon residents is very small, which means that residents are waiting a very long time for a transfer.

Hexagon has changed the transfer system for allocating new homes. We needed to change the system because our waiting list was not working for many of our residents.

We now only take Band A applicants onto our waiting list.

Band A applicants include:

  • tenants with a need to move because of very high medical needs,
  • tenants affected by threats of violence (including domestic abuse, harassment or hate crime) for whom a move will make a difference,
  • under-occupiers affected by welfare reform
  • decants (moves to allow major works to take place)

(If you are already on our waiting list, then your name will stay on it, but you may wait a long time and may prefer to try the options below.)

Many of our residents who ask us for a transfer will wait many years before we can offer them a move. Allowing them to register for a move with Hexagon gives them false hope that they will eventually be allocated a new home by Hexagon.

We’ve found that the people who use the routes below (Mutual Exchanges and the local authority register) are ones who get what they need. 

How can you move if you are not in Band A?

The Local Authority housing register
All Hexagon residents can register on the housing register in their borough. You can take part in Choice Based Letting schemes where this system is used.

Please check about other eligibility criteria that apply on your Local Authority Website. “Applying For Council Housing”.

Most local authorities have a residency requirement.

A 5-Year residency status is needed for the following Local Authorities:

Southwark –
Lewisham –
Greenwich –
Bexley –
Swale –
Bromley –

Croydon has a 3-Year residency status requirement –

Lambeth – We also have a small number of homes in Lambeth and the residency requirement in Lambeth is 2 years. Further information can be found here.

Mutual exchange

A mutual exchange is a way for social housing residents to find a move by swapping homes with another social housing resident.

You can swap homes with any council tenant or Housing Association tenant in the UK providing you and they have the right to mutual exchange and both parties wish to swap.

You are not restricted to your current landlord; all social housing landlords are required to allow mutual exchanges. The key is to ensure that everyone has looked around the properties involved and is happy to move.

Here are some ways you can find another tenant to swap with:

You do need to get Hexagon’s permission before going ahead with the final exchange but this is likely to be given provided that your current home is the right size for the incoming household and that there are no tenancy breaches. You can find our Mutual Exchange Policy here.

Don’t forget, the better you look after your property, the more likely it is that another resident will want to exchange with you.

Other schemes
If you or a member of your family is over 55 and you wish to move to a smaller property. You may wish to register with Seaside & Country Homes.

Hexagon transfer
If you contact Hexagon to ask for a transfer, our Customer Service Centre will take you through a short questionnaire to see if you may fit the Band A criteria, and if you do appear to satisfy the Band A requirements you can apply for a transfer.

Digital Champions Programme
The local authority and Mutual Exchange websites are not difficult to use, however if you don’t feel confident of your IT skills, we can offer help: our Community Investment team is currently running the Digital Champions Programme, a project that can connect you with a tutor that can advise and support you in your search for new home and more.

For more information please contact our Community Investment Team at

Our Lettings Policy
For more information, see our Lettings Policy here.