Running a Business from Home

Running a business from home is becoming increasingly common. Hexagon wants to encourage our residents to set up and run businesses from home because, for many, this is a great way to provide an income.

If you want to do this, you must get our permission in writing first. Provided your business is not illegal or likely to cause disruption to your neighbours, we try to look favourably on any application we receive, and each case is considered on its own merits.

Our starting point as your landlord is to look positively at all requests and to grant permission unless circumstances dictate otherwise. This may include situations where running a business:

  • Is likely to cause a nuisance to neighbours or damage to the property.
  • Would require major adaptations to the property.
  • Has not satisfied the requirements of other relevant agencies, for example by obtaining planning permission or a CRB check.

Although there are clearly some businesses that are unsuitable to be run from home, we are really keen to ensure that, where appropriate, we do all we can to support our residents to set up their businesses, and for them to thrive.

For queries relating to setting up a business and your tenancy, please contact your Housing Officer on 020 8778 6699.

Examples of some businesses that are not suitable to be operated from home, and which we would not give permission for are:

  • Car or motorcycle repairs.
  • Hairdressers or barbers.
  • Anything involving heavy or noisy machinery.
  • Any business that would attract a large number of visitors to the property.
  • Any business that would involve stocking flammable products; for example, gas canisters, white spirits, petrol, cooking oil, etc.
  • Any business involving numerous animals, birds or reptiles.
  • Any business that would need to store a significant number of items within the property or outside space; for example, cooking ingredients and large electrical goods.
  • Any business that would compromise the health and safety of you, other occupants or neighbours.