We work with eight resident-led groups who manage properties on behalf of Hexagon. The co-ops are all run by management committees made up from residents and they carry out most of the services that you would expect Hexagon’s housing management and maintenance teams to provide. Hexagon still provides some services, such as major works and cyclical maintenance.

To find out more about co-op properties and how they are managed, please visit Our Properties section of the website


Each year we organise a joint seminar between the the co-ops and Hexagon where all co-op managed residents are invited to discuss issues of interest with Hexagon managers and staff. In October 2022, co-op residents made this ‘Co-op Voices’ video for the event:


 One co-op member, Mark Allan (pictured) also sits on the Hexagon Board.

If you are a co-op tenant, or for more information on co-ops, here are some links you might find useful:

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