Confidentiality Policy

Policy Statement

Hexagon Housing Association is committed to practices and procedures that ensure confidentiality with respect to information relating to residents and applicants.

Personal Files

Personal files are kept on residents and information held on Hexagon’s computer system for the following purposes:

  • To assess your suitability for the accommodation in accordance with the selection and allocation criteria.
  • To manage your accommodation in accordance with the Tenancy and Licence Agreement.
  • For the provision of appropriate support to you where required.
  • To respond appropriately to accidents and emergencies and to ensure the health, safety and well being of both yourself and other residents within the Association’s accommodation.
  • To communicate with you in the most appropriate way.

Hexagon will always seek to ensure that information is kept on your file only as long as it is accurate and relevant. The files are available only to staff who need to have access to the information in order to discharge their duties and responsibilities to the Association. Information that you supply to help us see whether our equal opportunities policies are working will only be used for the purpose specified.

Personal information you supply about your gender, age, disability and communication needs, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, and religion and that of other members of your household will be used to check whether our equal opportunities policies are working and to tailor the service to meet particular needs e.g. where there is a communication difficulty.

Giving Information to Other Organisations

The Association will not give personal information to anyone outside the Association without your agreement, except where it is legally obliged to do so and in the following cases:

  • Routine information to DSS and the Local Authority to assist in claims for benefits.
  • Information to the police investigating a criminal matter.
  • Under the terms of an Information Sharing Protocol, for the purposes of reducing crime, disorder, or antisocial behaviour.
  • In extreme situations that could affect the health and safety of you or of other people.

Your Responsibility

Staff are not permitted to give you information about other tenants and residents, and you are requested not to ask staff about other residents. You are asked to keep confidential any personal information you may have about your neighbours.


You are entitled to be interviewed in a private room.


We will not disclose your name in any publicity material about the Association without your consent.


Any complaints you have about the operation of this Policy should be made through the Association’s Complaints Procedure.

A full copy of the Confidentiality Policy and Procedure is available from the Association on request. Please contact the Customer Services Centre.