Make a Payment

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Paying your rent is your most important responsibility with respect to your tenancy. We need your rent to manage and maintain your home. Without the rent paid by our tenants we cannot pay for repairs to your home, pay our staff, maintain our offices or repay the loans we use to build or buy our properties.

How to Pay your Rent

Your Tenancy Agreement says that rent is due weekly or monthly in advance. You can choose which method of payment suits you best.

·         Direct Debit

The quickest and most efficient way to pay your rent, is to set up a direct debit so payments are taken straight from your bank account. You can call 0208 778 6699 (Or freephone number) and speak to the customer accounts team who will be happy to talk you through the process and set this up for you

·        Rent Card

We can request a rent card to be sent to you direct from ALLpay – this will allow you to make cash or card payments using your rent card at any shop showing the paypoint sign or at any post office. Always ensure you ask for and keep receipts for any transaction made using this method for reference

  • Telephone Payments

If you have a debit/credit card – we are able to take payments over the phone within the customer accounts team. You can call (0208 778 6699) to make a payment where a receipt for this transaction can be emailed to you

·         Via the Internet

You can pay using your debit or credit card by logging on to and clicking the ‘make a payment’ button. Please make sure you have your rent payment card handy as you will need your payment reference number for your rent account for the transaction.

·         By Mobile App

If you have a mobile phone you can register to pay your rent via the online app. For more information, and to register your details, please go to and follow the on screen instructions

If you are having Problems Paying your Rent

It is very important that you let us know straight away if you are having trouble paying your rent. We can advise you on your entitlement to state benefits, and help you fill in the necessary forms.

We can refer you for debt counselling if you have other debts.

We understand that there may be times when you genuinely have difficulties paying your rent. We will listen to the reasons you give us, and can make an arrangement with you for you to make up any missed payments of rent by instalments; however, we expect you to clear any arrears as quickly as possible.

How you can Check your Rent Account Balance

We will send you a statement of account every quarter. You can ask the Customer Services Centre to send you a statement at any time, or you can get a balance over the phone. (We will ask some security questions first.)

We will send a statement of account with most of our letters to you about rent arrears.

If you do not Pay your Rent

We will do all we can to help you if you fall behind with your rent payments, but it is vital that we collect rent from our tenants in order to maintain the service we provide as a landlord. If you persistently fail to pay your rent on time, or if you do not keep to an arrangement you have made to make up missed payments, we will follow our procedure to recover arrears.

We will:

  • Remind you by letter that rent payments have been missed.
  • Try to contact you to discuss the arrears, if you do not contact us first.
  • Serve a Notice of Seeking Possession to warn you that legal proceedings may be started.
  • Give you a written warning and a final opportunity to make up any payments you have missed before applying to court.
  • Get a Possession Order from the County Court with a Money Judgement for the arrears and an order for the costs of the proceedings. The costs will be added to your rent arrears.
  • Give you written warning before applying to the court for your eviction, and give you a final opportunity to bring your payments back in line with the Court Order.
  • Get the approval of our Director before applying for your eviction.
  • Evict you if you do not keep to the terms of the Possession Order.
  • Use debt collectors, if necessary, to collect the money you owe us if you leave the property.

Rent first… please!