COVID-19 and the Shared Areas of your Building

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Hexagon’s contractors are continuing to carry out cleaning of shared areas in our blocks and some grounds maintenance outside. However health and safety in these times is our absolute priority. The companies are using different, stronger, cleaning products. These may leave a less attractive finish e.g. damp or smeared, and may take longer to be effective so floor signs may be left out for longer. They are prioritising contact points such as handrails, push plates, taps, window cills, doors and bin lids.


Both our main contractors (Cleangreen and Cleanscapes) have issued their staff with information about Covid 19 and its symptoms. Their staff are following strict protocols. They have been reminded about the importance  of  social distancing, washing their hands regularly through the day and using antibacterial gels or wipes. If a member of their staff notices that they have any symptom, they will, like any of us, stay at home until recovered and past the quarantine period.

Please help the cleaners by maintaining a distance from them as they work.

Our grounds maintenance teams are focusing on health and safety issues and after a pause, will now start to cut the lawns again.


I’m sure you are all aware of the government guidelines about washing hands your hand often, and as soon as you enter your home, and also maintaining a safe distance from anyone outside your household. While our contractors will, as explained above, prioritise the cleaning of contact points, your first line of defence is to wash your hands on entering your own home.